She Comes Alive


The moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I wanted to photograph her. She was dressed in ordinary clothes that did nothing to hide her enviable slim and shapely frame. She looked more attractive without makeup than most women did with all of MAC Studio sitting on their face. Her demeanor screamed, “don’t look at me, I do not exist”. Yet I saw her, by God I did!

As I told her she was required to sit for a photo shoot, she blanched. There was a back story filled with a trauma inducing event from her child hood that caused her to cringe and shy away from any form of picture taking. She stated that she hated every picture taken of her. So I patiently and gently asked her to give me a chance. I would be careful. I would ease her into it. I would hold her hand if she needed me to, if only she’s give me one shot. She nervously accepted my offer. I have never seen someone visibly shake as I trained my lens on her gorgeous face. Her lips trembled when I tried to make her laugh. Slowly but surely I was able to get some shots. At the end of a 10 minute shoot that was surely a 100 years, she came up to me and gave me a hug. Thank you, she said, for making it easy. These are the moments I live for. The time when a woman lets me lead her past her fears and she gives herself the permission to feel beautiful and be treated like the special being she is. That, my friends, is what purpose and fulfillment feels like. Find your purpose!


The World Outside

The World Outside

It has been said many times that the world is made up of doers and those who sit at the sidelines watching events unfold. Many people are satisfied with being observers, which is not necessarily a bad thing if that gives one pleasure and contentment. Then there are those who cannot imagine not being in the middle of happenings – causing history to be made or just being a part of the process. There is that one group that desires to experience life but is too afraid to venture forth beyond their door stoop, going past what they know and that which gives them a source of comfort. Those, to me, are the sorry ones. For beyond what we observe right before our noses is a world full of tastes, sights and sounds that cannot be recounted but lived. Far beyond the language of your childhood is a song, a dance of words that you might not understand but brings pleasure to your hearing. There are colors that seem not of this world that weave themselves through the fabric of a society, a community well hidden from your every day existence. Life was meant to be felt, heard and experienced. Fear is what keeps us from doing and being. Fear of not enriching our lives should push us to do more and be more!

Look outside your window. Now step out of your door and be prepared to fly.